Saturday, February 16, 2013

Museum of Flight

Every year I have the great pleasue of visiting the Seattle Museum of Flight on Presidents Day weekend.  Artoo and I get to hang out with the NW Scale Modelers who do a HUGE model show n the museum plus we get to do a stage presentation that is very popular!  This year Artoo and I got to do a photo shoot with the Museums Astronaut that is appearing in all the new commercials.

Shown above are the two of us inside the Space Shuttle Trainer.  This was the actual trainer used to train all shuttle astronaut's.  We are in the cargo bay - had to ride a special elevator to get in.  Really had fun with him and the museum photgrapher!

This view is looking forward to the cargo bay / crew compartment tunnel.  No chance of R2 getting in there!
Thanks again to the Museum of Flight!

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