Sunday, March 3, 2013

ECCC Day 3

Sunday was our NW Builders group panel at 11:00am.  We all met and then ran the droids en masse down to the room were the panel was going to be held.  A line of 6 R2 units running through the convention center created quite a stir (actually it was chaos) and they finally cleared a path to a loading elevator for the final trek.

The panel room was well set up by ECCC and had a nice audio and video board all ready to go.  We placed three R2's on each side.

The panel was packed, standing room only and unfortunately many people could not attend because we flat ran out of room.  Next year we hope for a larger space.  In the shot below you can see how full it was.  Also notice the computer screen in the bottom showing what was on the big screen up front.  Thanks to R2 buider Carol for running the show for us!

I also managed to get shots of all the R2's and their builders.  Left to right are Bob (me), Rob, Vincent, Cole, Todd & Chris.

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